The Inverness Interfaith Group is made up of representatives from faith communities and other persons of good will who live in Inverness and the surrounding area.  The Group is committed to working together to further its aims and to this end extends a warm welcome to all interested individuals and organisations.



Interfaith work provides an opportunity to promote good relations between people of different faiths and spiritual beliefs, on a basis of mutual understanding and respect where all can pursue their truth with integrity.
By working together, all people of good will can play an important role in creating a fair and peaceful society.



The Inverness Interfaith Group aims to:

  • Encourage people of all faiths and beliefs to come together to develop good relations and to share knowledge in order to promote greater mutual understanding.
  • Work together to break down barriers of discrimination and prejudice through the development of interfaith dialogue and the celebration of spiritual diversity.
  • Develop links with local statutory bodies, community groups and other interfaith groups.
  • Provide a forum for discussion on issues of mutual concern.
  • Promote interfaith work at local community events.
  • Support Scottish Interfaith week.


The Inverness Interfaith Group:

  • Promotes interfaith work to the general public through talks, exhibitions and social activities.
  • Organises events which promote interfaith work.
  • Increases understanding through the sharing of knowledge of religious faiths and other spiritual practices in Inverness and surrounding area.
  • Liaises with interfaith groups in other areas.
  • Represents an interfaith view, on behalf of members, to public agencies and other bodies.


Download a copy of our information leaflet here.

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